Techno Drive

Compose quickly and easily – your bass lines, your drums patterns, your riffs are just a few clicks away!
Edit them and mix them with ease and velocity You are used to on MacOS.
Draw the waveforms and the vibratos : a simple combination
of few sliders and clicks and You can control anything!
Improvise your music!

Techno Drive sounds like an authentic analog synthesizer for the rhythm sections or the bass lines.
« Simmons like » or « TR like » sounds are available for the drums.
The polyphonic synthesizer combines digital and analog like effects by just morphing them with a time line :
create with little mouse manipulation complex progressive sounds
if you need to – no need for any modular system anymore!

Record your performances. Improvise techno songs, rap and dance rhythm sections, or anything else that drives You.
Modulate the sound, experiment new directions with few clicks. Just try it!
Compose a complete song, or drag and drop your recorded files to your host sequencer
to loop your best performances in your future hit.

Huge sound, fast and ergonomic user interface : that’s what Techno Drive is!

Demo videos soon on this page and on YouTube! (older video)
Buy Techno Drive on the Mac Apple Store.