Vox Unit

Démo realised with the iPad version. The MacOS version will sound the same.

We work with vocoders since other twenty years : analog ones, then softwares. We have experimented different solutions to create with impressive choirs and soloist voices effects, mixing several synths in the inputs, experimenting and searching. Our software is not the first vocoder we program or publish.

Vox Unit is the result of these hundreds experiences. A first version has been available as an Audio Unit on our web site, but these versions correct and ameliorate a lot this first step. We’ll continue our research, let’s say that Vox unit for iPad or VoxUnit-the basics for MacOS are the current steps of them.

We’re happy to propose to the musicians a vocoder able to render some very correct choirs effects, but also interesting soloist ones. Of course, we do not promise the «la Callas» voice, but Vox Unit should help you to create a «supporting role» voice in your mix. Also, experimental and unusual voice effects are available using Vox Unit.

Several technologies and synthesis styles are mixed to obtain this result : fast fourier transform, additive synthesis, classical vocoder system, unpitch detector, effects, and so on …

We propose to you to listen to the video and audio demo up this page, then to press the link to the App Store to download VoxUnit!

VoxUnit exists for iPad and for MacOS. The two versions differ due to a few parameters, but the patches programmed on one version are compatible with the second. The sound result is the same for choir effects with the two versions.

Would you like to hear VoxUnit used in musical productions? Yes you can! This vocoder was used to create all of the choir effects from the album « A space, formerly and tomorrow », album released in June 2020.

 Download Vox Unit iPad on the App Store

 Download Vox Unit MacOS on the Mac App Store

The panel of controls of the MacOS application.